Boxed Roses

We review florists so you don't have to. We specialize in reviewing boxed roses, eternity roses, forever roses, long lasting flowers, custom rose boxes, floral arrangements and many more!

What we really do?

We dedicate ourselves to providing reviews on the best florist delivery services in Canada. We specialize in e-commerce websites that carry long lasting flowers. Finding a gift for that special someone can be hard, but we are here to provide factual information about how and where to look for eternity roses.

Our Vision

It is essential to always do extensive research online before purchasing. Our passion for providing informative and accurate reviews are incomparable. We want this platform to be the number 1 information source for reviews in the flower business. All the information on this site is moderated by the community to give the most authentic and reliable feedback.

History of Beginning

Our team saw a boom in the online flower delivery business in the past decade — however, there no single information source to find a store suitable for our needs. There are so many choices for consumers online making it difficult to choose. We saw an opportunity to create a platform that makes purchasing decisions more manageable, rather than relying on reviews from the store itself.