Eternity Rose



Introducing The Eternity Rose

Every woman relishes in being made to feel special. Why not show her just how special she is by giving her a romantic gift that is perfect in every way?

A single red rose – a very romantic and iconic symbol of love – has long reflected the blossoming and beauty of true love. Throughout history there has not been another flower so entwined with love as the rose. Each natural blossom is a perfect creation unto itself.

Imagine if a rose was picked at the peak of its perfection, then dipped in a precious metal to sustain its beauty forever. This is the reality of an Eternity Rose. These flawless blossoms are preserved in 24 karat gold, silver or platinum. An Eternity Rose is also available in 18 different colors ranging from traditional red and pink, to vibrant blues, greens, purple, yellow and white. 24 karat gold-trimming completes these perfect blossoms, so whatever her favorite color, you are sure to find a rose that your special lady will love.

One single rose may say ‘I love you’, but that rose will not last forever. Give her one single Eternity Rose that will remain beautiful for eternity, as will your expression of love for her.

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