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Fleurs D’epargne

Flowers are quite literally one of the most perfect gifts, for almost any occasion that you can think of. Their colours each have a variety of meanings, so picking and choosing certain ones, can deliver emotion packed messages that can leave the receiving party breathless. They are such an easy, and natural way to express how you feel. There is, however, one downside; the life expectancy. For the price you pay for high quality flowers, they sure do die quickly. That’s where the people at Fleurs D’epargne come in.

Company Overview:

Fleurs D’epargne is a company based out of Vancouver, Canada, and they are known for their product ‘Eternity Roses’. Roses are flowers that are well known to be tied to feelings of love and affection. To most people, they are a symbol of romantic love, and are used in grand gestures meant to display just how important someone is. They are usually found at weddings, on first dates, or just because; they also make a lovely house decoration because of their soft scent. There is never a wrong time for roses, if one is being honest.

A rosebush has an average lifespan of about 35 years. That is a very long time, compared to a minimum of a week that they can survive in water, after they are cut from the bush. There are other factors that can influence a rose’s lifespan, such as the type of rose it is, the length of time that it went without water after being cut, and the health of the plant that it was cut from. A rose can typically last a few hours without water, as they are one of the hardier flowers out there. Fleurs D’epargne however, has cracked the code on how to make roses last without water, for up to one whole year.

How Its Made:

Roses that last a year?! How is this possible?! Is this even real?! I assure you, that yes, it is real. Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Before one can treat or preserve a real rose to ensure that it lasts for a long time, the flower’s water content must be dehydrated. A special, non-toxic and non-corrosive chemical is used through which the natural sugars and pigments are drawn out.

Step 2: The flower is then “fed” with an oil-based solution that helps structure its shape. Different scents and colours can they be added by using different pigments, and essential oils.

Step Three: Now that you have your perfectly preserved flower, with the exact scent, and colour that you want, one has to ask the question of how to care for their flowers. There is a very simple guideline that must be followed if you want to

Product Line:

Fleurs D’epargne has many readily available products with incredible shelf life, so it is hard to only list a few of them. Some of their categories include:

  • Signature Heart Box
  • Original Rose Buckets
  • Supreme Elegance
  • The Crystal Collection
  • 2 in 1 Sweets Box
  • Deluxe Gold Box
  • 2 in 1 Round Box
  • Accent Pieces
  • Classic Heart Box
  • Fairytale Collection
  • Velvetine Boxes
  • Original Grande Box

When a category is chosen, you can then browse the many options that they have, and choose which one best suits your needs. They have tons of variety, as well as some awesome deals, so the chances of you finding exactly what you need, is very high!

Ordering and Pricing:

If you are looking to buy, you can safely, and swiftly, place an order on their website. They have international shipping, as well as other options if you are located close to their residence, if you’re in Canada, or if you’re in America.

Below is a selection of their available products and their pricing at the time of this review. Please be aware that product selection, their availability, and prices, and subjected to change at any time.

The Crystal Collection:

  • 5 Rose Vanity Box at $69.00
  • Purest Crystal Box with Long Stemmed 3 Year Rose at $55.00
  • Classic Love Crystal Box at $89.00
  • Endless Love at $60.00
  • Candace Flower Box at $85.00
  • Crystal Vanity Box at $199.00

Accent Decor:

  • 9 Mini Rose Deluxe Fairytale at $65.00
  • Just Because Mini Gift at $45.00
  • Sweetheart Mini Gift at $35
  • Mini Tiffany Box Gift at $35.00 (it’s usually $70.00, but there is a sale currently going on)
  • Fairytale Hanging Hexagon Cages at $95.00 (it is usually at $150.00, but there is a sale currently going on)
  • Deluxe Fairytale Rose Box at $37.99

Original Royal Rose Bear:

  • The Original Royal Rose Bear at $229.00
  • Infinity Big Beat at $325.00

Classic Heart Box:

  • Classic Heart Box in Limited Edition Pink at $269.00
  • Pink Classic Heart Box at $269.00
  • Classic Heart Box at $269.00
  • Classic Heart Box in White at $269.00

Tiffany Collection:

  • I Heart Tiffany & More at $239.00
  • Prestige Return to Tiffany Box at $205.00
  • Puffy Like Peony Tiffany at $99.00
  • Tiffany’s Vanity Box ay $199.00
  • Ultimate Crystal Tiffany Vanity at $425.00

Packaging and Shipping:

The length of shipping depends on where you are located. If you are local, it is usually there within a day or two, if you are in Vancouver, and local (Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam, Surrey), and the price range for shipping is $7.99 to $13.99. If you are located in the United States, shipping takes approximately four to nine business days, with a flat price of $9.99. If you are located in Canada (and are not local), it takes three to seven business days, with a flat price of $14.99. International shipping takes anywhere from eight to twenty two business days, with a shipping price of $29.99. The rate in which you receive your order is based on business days via your location, from the date that it was shipped out. All of the products are hand-crafted, and the company takes one to two days to create the requested product. They also have ‘Urgent Order Requests’, where the customer may get in contact with the company, and they will do their best to accommodate the request.

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  1. Travis

    Best experience ever! Very good and fast customer service

  2. Amy

    The most beautiful and stunning arrangements!

  3. Jack Lin

    Service is truly exceptional. Was looking for an anni gift last minute, literally last minute, same-day, within 3 hour window, and Fleurs D’epargne successfully came through and delivered! They’re one of the only companies that I found in local Vancouver area that offers same-day orders. I’ve reached out to a few before contacting them, and nobody was able to offer me this. Happy to say that I will definitely be ordering again for my next occasion.