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SKYE KATZ, owner and operator of Toronto based Skye Flowers, has been creating a sensation with her floral designs and installations since she first began working with flowers in 2011.

Skye’s work is a combination of her love for flowers, her passion for design and her fantastic flare for fashion. Her creations are bold statements, using shape, color and simplicity to produce a dramatic effect. Breathtaking and unforgettable, Skye’s flowers and design essentials are always integral to the setting, never merely a backdrop. Skye’s expertise continues to attract praise from all those who have witnessed her creations.

As she eagerly searched for an outlet for her natural creative talent, it was her mother-in-law who suggested that she seek employment and training at a local florist located in the tiny neighbourhood of Yorkville in Toronto.  It was there that she and others realized that this was something she was born to do.  This soon led to the creation of the Skye Flowers.

Skye has developed a sizeable following, comprised of many A-list clients, predominately through the use of social media platforms. These clients admire her full and decadent overflowing florals which often contain an abundance of roses and hydrangeas.  This has become a big part of her trademark look.  Skye’s over the top orchid arrangements, usually composed of a voluminous array of plants, have become a favourite among her customers.  The fullness of these creations, along with the vast amount of orchids used, have earned her the nick name the “Orchid Lady” by her suppliers.

Skye Flowers has developed and grown to include the inspiration derived from personal growth including both mental andphysical fitness.  Skye’s client base have been drawn to the way she has embraced the principles of strength of the mind and body.  She is passionate about taking her strength training to the next level, always pushing herself to do unique and challenging new workouts.  This is something she brings to her beautiful and stylish creations, harnessing the energy from the strong woman that she is on the inside and out.  Skye truly loves what she does as can be seen by the attention to detail she gives to each and every arrangement that she creates.

Flowers, fitness, fashion and family have become the four cornerstones of the Skye Flowers brand.

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