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Company Overview:

The Little Bloom Box is a company based out of Etobicoke, Ontario, and are known for their product ‘Eternal Roses’. The rose is a flower that is heavily tied to feelings of affection. To most, a rose is a symbol of romantic love, and the act of giving someone you love a rose, or roses, is always highlighted in the media. Imagine the look on someone’s face, when you give them a rose, and then tell them that this one won’t wilt for a minimum of two years! Two years! Talk about a huge grand gesture, right? ‘Eternal Roses’ are a perfect way to surprise that special someone

Care and Upkeep:


Eternal Roses from ‘The Little Bloom Box’ do not require ANY care! This means they don’t need sunlight, or water. The company advises:


  •  To keep their flowers in a shaded area, where it wouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight, or any excessive heat, as it will cause the blooms to dry faster, and to discolour. When the blooms are dry, the petals are more than likely to fall faster as well.
  • The blooms are best kept in their original box. They are similar to fresh roses, that when they are handled a lot, the petals fall and die faster.
  • Best kept in cool areas, inside the original box.
  • The roses are preserved to last a long time, so they may shrink slightly after a couple months, and begin to display slight discolouration. This is normal.
  • Until the rose turns brown or begins to rot, the flower has not yet died.

Product Line:


‘The Little Bloom Box’ has a lot of readily available products with incredible shelf life. Depending on what the client is looking for, there is a lot to browse and choose from. Some of their categories include:


  • Bloom Bears
  • Featured Blooms
  • Customizable Blooms


When you have an idea of what you are looking for, you then have the option to decide on the colour scheme. There are twenty eight different colours to choose from, and that doesn’t include the stem! If you wish to change the stem from the base green, it is an extra $5.00 charge. A free vinyl message is also included in your order, so you can be sure that whomever is receiving this gift, will know just how much they mean to you.

Ordering and Pricing:


‘The Little Bloom Box’ has a beautiful website, where one can safely, put in an order. Once the order has been placed, the client will receive a confirmation email. In the event that the order cannot be completed, a company representative will contact the client to let them know what is going on.


Below is a selection of their available products and their pricing at the time of this review. Please be aware that product selection, their availability, and prices, and subjected to change at any time.

Bloom Bears:

  • The Millionaire Bear at $158.00
  • The TIFF Forever Bloom Bear at $138.00
  • Pretty in Pearls Bear (Large) at $168.00
  • Pretty in Pearls Bear (Small) at $128.00
  • LIFE SIZE Forever Bloom Bear at $378.00
  • Large Standing Forever Bloom Bear at $228.00
  • Forever Bloom Bear (Medium) at $138.00
  • The Forever Bloom Bear (Small) at  $68.00 (it is usually $88.00, but there is a sale going on)
  • The Little Bloom Bear at $70.00 (it is usually $75.00, but there is a sale going on)

Featured Blooms:

  • The Little Crochet Bloom Pigs at $85.00
  • Girl In Love Bloom box – June’s Bloom box of the Month at $78.00
  • Classic Pearl Keychain at $35.00
  • The Enchanted Bloom Dome at $135.00
  • The Diva Bloom box at $38.00
  • The Arcadian Bloom box at $135.00
  • The Little Car Diffuser at $20.00
  • The Little Bloom Bunny Keychain at $35.00
  • The Surprise Box at $48.00
  • The Plush Bouquet at $68.00 (it is usually at $78.00 but there is a sale going on)
  • The Little Fairy Light Bouquet at $48.00 (it is usually at $68.00 but there is a sale going on)

Customizable Blooms:

  • 1 Rose Tall Acrylic Box at $50.00 – $55.00
  • 3 Rose Crystal Acrylic Box at $70.00 – $75.00
  • 4 Tall Crystal Acrylic Box at $80.00 – $85.00
  • 8 Rose Crystal Acrylic Box at $145.00 – $155.00
  • 9 Rose Crystal Acrylic Box at $145.00 – $155.00
  • 9 Rose Crystal Acrylic Box with Drawer at $135.00 – $145.00
  • 16 Rose Crystal Acrylic Box at $180.00 – $190.00 (currently out of stock at the time of this review)
  • 15 Rose Crystal Acrylic Box at $175.00 – $195.00
  • 25 Rose Crystal Acrylic Box at $225.00 – $245.00 (currently out of stock at the time of this review)

Packaging and Shipping: 


‘The Little Bloom Box’ has a wide variety of options that clients can choose from. Things like:

  • Square acrylic, clear Bloom Boxes
  • Short square acrylic, black Bloom Boxes
  • Circle/Round acrylic, clear Bloom Box
  • Clear, glass domes with a single large rose


Each of the boxes comes with a few options for how many roses you can order. The square, acrylic, clear box has the most options, ranging from one rose, up to forty-nine of them. For the nine, sixteen and twenty-five square acrylic boxes, they offer two options for the labels: solid black, or white with transparent acrylic. Not only are you getting a beautiful floral product, you are also getting a high quality container to keep your flowers in.


They also have a delivery rate of $17.00, and are servicing all of Toronto and the surrounding area, or the option to pick up. Their pick up location is in Etobicoke, Ontario. Clients will be asked to schedule a pick up time seventy-two hours from when they first place their order. Their pick up times are: Monday-Friday: 10am – 7pm, Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 5pm. Due to the fragile nature of their product, they currently do not offering postal shipping at the time of this review.

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  1. Emily B

    I’ve been purchasing from The Little Bloom box since I’ve bumped into their page on Instagram 2 years ago. I’ve purchased from birthday gifts, graduation to even bridal shower gifts from here. The variety is huge and they always keep this new and exciting. Highly recommended.

  2. Kyle M

    Purchased here a couple times for my girlfriend. Service is always friendly and my girlfriend loves their stuff. Priced well for quality. Would recommend for all gentleman trying to find gifts

  3. David

    Used them for my 20th Anniversary. Wife was very pleased. I would definitely buy again

  4. Helen

    This is my go-to gift for every occasion whether it be friends or family. Gifts are so sentimental and to have flowers in a unique array of colours last for years is important for me. All my friends love the key-chains I gift from The Little Bloom Box and they’re always the first to release new items. The customer service is spectacular and their add on balloons and macarons are the perfect touch. I highly recommend this florist.

  5. Linda Tran

    Since its establishment, The Little Bloom box has been my go to gift. With the variety of selection, there truly is a gift for every occasion. The ability to customize the products are definitely a nice touch and the continuous launch of new products keeps me wanting more. The quality of the product is great and the customer service is amazing. I absolutely LOVE all the products from the Little Bloom Box. Highly recommend.