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Rose Deluxe is a luxury flower specialty shop based in Calgary, Alberta. They are the highest rated flower arrangement service in Calgary. Top rated for creating a special arrangement to give as a gift and as event decor.

Top Criteria – Where to Get Boxed Roses in Calgary, Alberta

Rose Deluxe offers long-lasting roses that come in a variety of colours & fancy arrangement. Their collection includes classic colours available every season & special occasion seasonal arrangements. They do accept custom orders and can integrate beautiful patterns, letters, and symbols with their roses possible.

Customer Service and Knowledge

Their customer service is beyond impressive, responding to customers requests and orders individually rather than with a generic answer. They are genuine and focused on the satisfaction of their customers.

Arrangement Practices

Rose Deluxe is a high end online flower shop offering customizable luxurious all occasions flower arrangements. Our focus is to change the way traditional flowers are presented, using our modern gifted, vibrant roses in handcrafted bouquets.

Eternity Roses Quality

The roses used in their preparations come from all over the world, carefully chosen to adhere to a strict quality standards. Rose Deluxe arrangements will maintain their beautiful appearance much longer than any other flowers, and they stand behind their flowers as the world’s longest lasting roses.

Customized Designs

The options offered for general custom designs are patterns, colors, rows and arrangement size. They also offer a wide variety of box variations the flowers can be placed in. You can check out their amazing portfolio on their instagram feed:

Where to Buy Boxed Roses in Calgary – Best Boxed Rose Shop in Calgary

Rose Deluxe

Rose Deluxe is rated the #1 boxed flowers retailer by consumers in Calgary. There are other stores not located in Calgary that have superior quality. You can find reviews on my home page at

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