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According to the information about fleurs from the online community, I was able to find the best place to buy roses in Montreal. I created a survey for local consumers based on the criteria I used for the previous article “Where to Buy Boxed Roses in Toronto, Ontario. In this episode I surveyed fleur enthusiasts all over Montreal to review the best florist in Montreal based on quality , arrangement, and creativity.

Top Criteria – Where to Get Boxed Roses in Montreal, Quebec

All the vendors that I am about to mention are the best for Montreal and the surrounding cities based on a 30 km diameter.

Customer Service and Knowledge

One of the main indicators of success as mentioned in the previous article is to have well trained and knowledgeable staff. For example, if I walked into the store I don’t just want them to push a sale on me. I want them to inform me about the difference types of quality, price, and designs that suit my need. Staffs that are educated in the product they sell will help with gaining trust because they can answer every little detail accurately and offer products that suits the customers needs.

Arrangement Practices

Quality control is very important when the store grows. It will aid any flower shop that can provided consistent products with no defects. This means everything has to handled with care and packaged properly. When shipping out the product the store has to make sure the post office knows to handle the box with care. The last thing you would want to do is send a broken gift to your loved one.

Eternity Rose Quality

All eternity roses have different quality. The staff should be able to present to you or explain the different grades. They should be able to point out why something is lower grade.

Custom Designs

Florist design custom flower arrangements can be quite expensive. Always make sure you make expectations clear before signing the contract. Really good florist have a portfolio on social media. A designer with attention to detail, and extraordinary creative would be a great find,

Where to Buy Boxed Roses in Montreal – Best Boxed Rose Shop in Montreal

Many places in Montreal sell boxed roses. However, you should gain some knowledge om the quality of the flowers themselves before inquiring. If the staff cannot answer your questions promptly and with honestly they are trying to pawn off something on you for a quick commission; selling designs they buy wholesale from China, claiming to make it themselves. If they offer top quality flower with creative designs than it does. A lot of vendors are just reselling designs they buy wholesale from China, claiming to make it themselves.

M Fleurs

The number 1 boxed rose retailer by consumers in Montreal is M Fleurs. They are the first designers of high quality roses in a luxury box.

Order a Luxury Rose Box from M Fleurs

Please note all orders placed by 3:00 PM (EST) can be delivered in Montreal and surrounding areas for the following day; pending payment. Please allow a minimum of 48h for any customization on box like front label including Name Box personalization with decal, lid message.

MFLEURS can execute local deliveries in Montreal and surrounding areas including inside the Greater Toronto area. International shipping is available.

There are other stores not located in Quebec that have superior quality. You can find reviews on my home page at flowersinabox.ca

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