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How did I locate the best place to buy Boxed Roses in Toronto? I created criteria for how to rank which florist is the best in town. In my home page, flowersinabox.ca, I took time to review the best online vendors in Canada by quality, arrangement, and creativity. However, I was thinking, what about the people that want to walk into a store to buy directly? That is why I decided to write an article explicitly tailored to the residents of Toronto so that you can make the best purchasing decision. I have researched all the storefronts that provide boxed roses in Toronto and will review them below.

Top Criteria – Where to Get Boxed Roses in Toronto, Ontario

All the vendors that I am about to mention are the best for Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

Customer Service and Knowledge

Staff are trained and have in-depth knowledge of all the products and production. They should be able to tell you the quality difference between prices honestly. A staff that is passionate and know what they are talking about are a great indicator that you will get the most accurate information. There are a lot of shops that sell boxed roses; therefore, staff knowledge sets them apart from the others. Experience is a significant factor when you decide to purchase products that can anyone can sell. You want to make sure you can trust the person that you are inquiring. Someone that you can trust will give you an honest opinion when comparing instead of pushing a sale on you.

Arrangement Practices

Look for retailers that are strict when it comes to quality control. From placing the flowers to packaging the product. You do not want to end up giving someone a damaged gift.


All eternity roses have different quality. The staff should be able to present to you or explain the different grades. They should be able to point out why something is lower grade.

Custom Designs

Custom designing flower gifts can be quite expensive. Always make sure you make expectations clear before entering an agreement. The store should have a portfolio on social media to show you their quality of work. Anyone that has exceptional attention to detail and extraordinary creativity would be a great find!

Where to Buy Boxed Roses in Toronto – Best Boxed Rose Shop in Toronto

There are numerous places in the Greater Toronto Area that sell boxed roses. However, you should also do some research on the quality of the flowers themselves. It is just some roses placed in a box. If the condition is low, it does not justify paying a high price tag. If they offer top quality flower with creative designs than it does. A lot of vendors are just reselling designs they buy wholesale from China, claiming to make it themselves.

The Little Bloom Box

If you want to know that your boxed roses are high quality and assembled with care The Little Bloom Box is one of the most highly rated stores in the Greater Toronto Area. Their roses are real, preserved, hand dyed and last up to two years. They have a great portfolio of custom designs on their Instagram feed. Most importantly, they are confident in their knowledge and answer very promptly. Their website is easy to use and is very informative. Orders are rarely late and delivered as promise within 72 hours. All orders can be picked up at their location in Etobicoke. You can also get it hand delivered in the Greater Toronto Area for a flat rate of $17.

What’s the Final Verdict? – Where to Buy & Get Boxed Roses in Toronto, Ontario

As you are now aware, doing research on which retailer to purchase from is difficult because of the numerous stores that popped up over the years. If you are looking to buy boxed roses in Toronto, I would highly recommend The Little Bloom Box. Online shopping can be very scary, and it would be best to question someone locally, especially if it is a gift for a special someone. I confidently say they are high quality, authentic and a store that you can trust. If you buy from them, you will be delighted.

There are other stores not located in the GTA that have superior quality. You can find reviews on my home page at flowersinabox.ca

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