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Fleurs D’epargne is the #1 boxed rose provider in Vancouver. They go above and beyond to customize arrangements for those who want to surprise their special someone on a special occasion. They have a great community and fan base in Vancouver. I surveyed 100 random Instagrammers, and their brand is the most referred to in Vancouver. Their flower arrangements have been tested and last up to a year with no maintenance.

Top Criteria – Where to Get Boxed Roses in Vancouver, British Columbia

Fleur D’epargne has Fantastic flower arrangements in a variety of unique and beautiful colours. They also have excellent customer service with attention to detail, prompt follow-up and flexibility to customize methods!

Customer Service and Knowledge

One of the leading indicators of success, as mentioned in the previous article, is to have well trained and knowledgeable staff. From most searching through their online reviews, they are highly regarded for their excellent customer service and ability to use creativity to create products that tailor to the style and preference of their customer. All the staff are educated about the products they sell and give honest advice that suits the needs of their customers.

Arrangement Practices

If you take a look at their portfolio on social media, they have some of the most creative customizations in the industry. They have excellent attention to detail and produce product ts that is precisely what the customization when they requested.

Eternity Roses Quality

Their products have been tested and are high quality authentic preserved roses. The flowers are cut at the apex state, showcasing most of their vibrant and beautiful colours. Additionally, the roses go through a special treatment that rehydrates it and dyes it to sustain its form for up to a year.

Customized Designs

If you are looking for custom designs, it is best to message them at least a month ahead of the time or two weeks at the latest. They are open to trying any ideas their customers throw at them to make it extra special. They are very flexible when it comes to custom flower arrangements and will try their best to create what the customers request.

Visit their Instagram to view their portfolio: https://www.instagram.com/fleursdepargne_/

Where to Buy Boxed Roses in Vancouver – Best Boxed Rose Shop in Vancouver

There are numerous places to get custom floral arrangements in; however, it is always best to go and speak to the representatives to make a sure they are authentic and knowledgeable and not trying to make a quick buck. The best representative will always gauge what the customer wants and give an honest recommendation of options they can take.

Fleurs D’epargne

Fleurs D’epargne is rated the #1 boxed flowers retailer by consumers in Vancouver.

Special Event Orders

Contact Info

To reach us directly and instantly: 
Text: 604 363 1992 or 604 729 5729

 [email protected] Phone: (604) 363 1992 – (604) 729 5729 Location: Vancouver, BC Canada

Store Location: #212-268 Keefer Street
Vancouver, BC Canada

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There are other stores not located in Vancouver that have superior quality. You can find reviews on my home page at flowersinabox.ca

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